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J.M. Murphy & Co is a full service rivet oriented company located in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Recognized as a leading source for rivet solutions and engineering assistance, J.M. Murphy & Co has been delivering unmatched customer service and product quality to its customers for decades. We specifically assist our customers with designing rivet operations, creating safety solutions for situations, resolving problems associated in assembling with rivets, and consultations on new products requiring rivets.

Our company mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at a competitive price. We fulfill this standard with our well trained, and friendly staff, as well as the widest range and fastest delivery available for rivets in virtually any style, length, material and finish. Regardless of how complex your fastening requirements may be, J.M. Murphy & Co is committed to providing flexible and innovative solutions to fit the most challenging and precise applications.

At J.M. Murphy & Co, our teams of engineers are always available to assist customers with technical support and approach questions and challenges from a solutions-driven standpoint. We work closely with our clients and distributors to best understand how each rivet will be used. It is our expertise in this field and attention to detail that sets our company apart.

We are proud of our scope of services and unmatched customer service in the industry. Please contact us at 877-389-2469 or jmmurphyco@rivetingsolutions.com so we can determine how to best serve you with your assembly needs.






  • Semi-tubular
  • Tubular
  • Solids
  • Splits
  • Eyelets

Automatic Assembly Equipment

  • Fully automatic assembly machines
  • Multiple Head Units
  • Single automatic machines
  • Foot lever assembly machines
  • Electro-mechanical or pneumatic powered

Rivet Tooling

  • Anvils - Jaws - Drivers
  • Standards and specials

Rivet Application Engineering
We assist customers looking to:

  • Design a riveting operation
  • Create safety solutions for ongoing productions situations
  • Resolve problems with assemblies
  • Consult on new projects requiring rivets and assembly equipment