Rivet Design

5 Reasons Why You Are At the Right Place to Bring Your Design Concerns:

1. 58 Years of Fastener Experience

We've done it all, so the chances of helping you with your rivet design needs are extremely high!

2. Low Prices

Cost effectiveness is the result of sound concepts. From product knowledge to engineering, we have exactly what you need!

3. Confidence

You know what you want to accomplish, but you may not be sure how to. We are confident in riveting design & engineering.

4. Knowledge

You came to this page looking for experts. In today's market, you are mostly confronted by sales; without technical knowledge. We have both!

5. The Total Solution

J.M. Murphy & Co. supplies rivets, riveting tools, and rivet application engineering to support all of your riveting needs.


Are you looking for a specific rivet, gun, tool, or machine? Do you have a custom rivet configuration? Not sure what you need or where to even begin? Our expert help can assist you with all your riveting needs. Call us at 877.389.2469 TOLL FREE or reach us by email at JMMurphyCo@rivetingsolutions.com today!